Rodney Croome’s ongoing attempt to censor children’s access to information about marriage is further evidence of the extreme intolerance of his political agenda to redefine marriage and the family.

“Anyone who values the freedom of Australians to believe and publicly speak about our current definition of marriage should be very concerned about attempts to redefine in it legislation,” Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said today.

Mr Croome yesterday issued a media release claiming a Catholic booklet outlining Christian teaching on marriage was likely illegal. He urged people to complain to the human rights commission.

“Where have we come to as a society when the political activists for redefining marriage want to use the law to stop children in religious schools from being taught that religion’s teaching?

“Why does Mr Croome fear children being taught that it is their basic human right, wherever possible, to have and be allowed to know their mother and father? Maybe even a child’s heart resonates with this truth.

“If a family sends their child to a Christian or Islamic school they should not be surprised if their children are taught the faith and morals of the school’s religious identity.

“It is outrageous for Mr Croome to dictate what a private religious school can and cannot say about marriage,” Mr Shelton said.

“It is clear that redefining marriage and family in law is one of the biggest threats to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion that this country faces.”