7 August 2015

Innocuous television ads calling for a rethink on same-sex marriage have once again been banned.

Channels 7 and 10 plus some radio stations have refused to air the new television ad from Marriage Alliance, featuring an iceberg and the slogan, “It’s not as simple as you think.”

This follows a recent ban by public broadcaster SBS on an ad by the Australian Marriage Forum.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said it was disappointing advertisements promoting Australia’s current marriage law were not allowed to be shown.

“This ad does little more than encourage people to think about the issue. This is a chilling display of the dangerous tendency to censor debate on marriage.

“If this is what is happening to free debate now, what will it be like for those of us who will want to promote a dissenting view in the future should same-sex marriage activists succeed with their political agenda?

“There is a disturbing lack of respect for the other side of the same-sex marriage debate. I can only see this getting worse if the law changes.

“Of course commercial television stations have the right to decide what they wish to air but it is unusual for political points of view to be censored in this way,” Mr Shelton said.