If anyone thinks there are no consequences to the so called gay marriage debate, it is worth noting the controversy in America over a fast food outlet that sells chicken burgers.

The aggressive political agenda to change the definition of marriage is already having consequences for the way we are allowed to think and talk about marriage.

Just six out of 52 US States have gay marriage – mostly by Court order – and yet Chick-fil-A has been told by the Mayors of Boston and Chicago that its restaurants are not welcome to open in their cities because of company president Dan Cathy’s views on marriage.

He simply supports retaining the definition of marriage between one man and one woman.

Yet this has resulted in a media storm with his company being vilified by media and activists.

ACL wonders how free dissenters of so-called same-sex marriage will be if the law is changed.

Now the evangelist Billy Graham has weighed into the Chick-fil-A debate.

Despite his age, he visited a Chick-fil-A store yesterday to show support.

Cathy and Rev Graham’s courage in the face of stifling and aggressive political correctness is inspirational and more will be needed if we are to see marriage retained the way it is for future generations.

It is not known when the Australian Parliament will vote on Labor MP Stephen Jones’ private members bill to change marriage but it could be as early as this month.

Please use the facility at www.whatismarriage.org.au to e-mail your local Member of Parliament to ask them to protect marriage.