With preparations for the plebiscite on marriage shelved until well after the July 2 election, the Turnbull Government clearly wants voters to focus on the jobs and growth narrative outlined in this week’s budget.


But one of the big consequences of any possible change in the definition of marriage – homosexual sex education in schools – is already proving a major distraction from the government’s election agenda.

Hardly a week goes by without revelations of a new program designed to teach children that their gender is fluid or that they might be same-sex attracted.

It seems that children are never too young to be inducted into the bright new world of rainbow sexual concepts.

An avalanche of homosexual and transgender material is flooding into the curriculum from high school to pre-school – all without parents’ knowledge.

This rainbow sexual indoctrination is even starting before pre-school. Day care centre workers are being taught to see the toddlers in their care as sexual beings.

A new manual produced by Early Childhood Australia (ECA) for early childhood educators mentions masturbation 21 times in 36 pages.

ECA’s “start early” program resource also examines cross-dressing, thanks to funding from the Baird Government in New South Wales.

Encouraging child care workers to see toddlers as sexual beings is creepy.

And in Victoria, a Melbourne University academic, Kylie Smith, wants pre-schoolers taught about gay marriage and the idea that their gender is fluid, not biological.

These controversial ideas which are contested by leading feminists and paediatricians are all being implemented with state and federal government funding.

The Safe Schools Coalition of Australia resource, The Gender Fairy story book, tells four-year-olds that “…only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you.” Not your teacher and certainly not your mummy or daddy.

Junior high brings more teaching on masturbation and the introduction of anal sex to the classroom through the Victorian Government’s Building Respectful Relationships program.

Guides for sexualising role-playing exercises advise teachers on how to “de-role” children to help them avoid falling into “a state of distress or disassociation” which the program author obviously considered a real risk.

The Safe Schools Hub, a website funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training, now hosts controversial Safe School Coalition resources.

These resources tell schools to allow boys identifying as girls to use the girls’ toilets and provide schools with step by step guides on “Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School.”

Imagine an 18-year-old man identifying as a girl using the same toilets, showers and change rooms as your 13-year-old daughter. This scenario is now envisaged via a Turnbull Government-funded website.

Special facilities for transgender students are okay, the Safe Schools hub says, but they should never stop a student from using the toilet facility of their “gender identity” as this would be demeaning.

The Safe Schools hub also encourages schools to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia.

There is no international day against bullying over body image – the most rampant form of bullying in schools by a long way.

The Safe Schools Coalition is far from “gutted”, as many thought it was after the review of it by University of Western Australia Emeritus Professor Bill Louden.

The Andrews Government in Victoria has point blank refused to abide by the recommendations of the Louden review to prune Safe Schools.

The pre-Louden version of Safe Schools will be compulsory in Victorian public high schools by 2018.

Premier Andrews labels anyone who questions his rainbow programs as “bigots”.

In Queensland the Palaszczuk Government has refused a Right to Information request from ACL to release the secret list of schools running the Safe Schools program.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham’s insistence that Safe Schools be transparent for parents is being ignored, making him look weak in the face of rainbow activists.

Never mind that research shows that up to 80 per cent of girls and 90 per cent of boys struggling with gender identity issues will be entirely comfortable with their biological gender by the time they get through puberty.

Never mind that 10 years after a sex change operation, a person is 20 times more likely to commit suicide than the non-transgendered population.

Never mind that hospitals like John Hopkins in the United States now no longer perform gender reassignment surgery because it was found not to be helpful.

None of this information features in the resources.

Bigot, homophobe and hater are the bullying words deployed against anyone asking questions. They protect these programs making politicians and the community too scared to challenge them.

Queensland-style secrecy is the other enabler.

Any government program that relies on slurs and secrecy for its currency, should sound warning bells and pique journalists’ curiosity.

Now a coalition of rainbow groups is calling on Australia’s corporate sector to sign a letter of endorsement of Safe Schools.

The leader of one of these groups, Rodney Chiang-Cruise, took to social media after Mr Turnbull ordered the review of Safe Schools to label the Prime Minister a “C…t”.

Apart from aligning their brands with dubious company, does corporate Australia really want to declare war on the biological gender of Australia’s children?

Rainbow politics is taking captains of industry and politicians down a very strange path.

Most Australians would prefer to let boys be boys and girls be girls and get on with arguing about the economy.

Originally published in Online Opinion