Media Release

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today called on Premier John Brumby to assure Victorians that he would not enter into a deal with the radical Greens to secure a hold on government in the event of a hung Parliament after Saturday’s Victorian election.

“In just a few sitting weeks with the Greens having just one Lower House seat in the Federal Parliament we have seen a complete misappropriation of both parliamentary time and the legislative programme on their minority and extreme agenda,” ACL Victorian Director Rob Ward said.

“Again in Tasmania, with the Greens supporting Labor in a minority government, we see Labor being pulled far to the left. Here in Victoria, voters - especially the Christian constituency - need to know that Victorian Labor will not follow the same dangerous path.”

Mr Ward called on the Labor Party to: “Commit now, publicly and clearly, that they will not allow themselves to fall prey to the temptation to hang on to power via a deal with the Greens”.

“Legalising euthanasia, economic policies that could cost jobs, cutting funding for non-government schools, and abolishing exceptions under Equal Opportunity legislation for religious organisations are amongst the radical policies that Labor would have to accommodate if they got into bed with the Greens,” Mr Ward said.

“Given the recent legislative agenda pursued in Victoria, including the Abortion Law Reform Act, unhelpful Equal Opportunity changes, laws allowing IVF for homosexual couples and new promises to ‘review’ gay adoption, Victorians generally and Christians in particular need to know now, before the 27th November, if Labor will take a principled stand.

“The Liberals have done the right thing by preferencing the Greens last, what will Labor do? Will they allow another political situation where the Greens’ minority agendas are permitted to destabilise government and the legislative process? We deserve an answer.”