Christians of all ages flock to Parliament House to urge justice  for world’s poor

As a Federal Election looms, over 300 concerned Christians of all ages will converge on Parliament House 21-22 June, holding more than a hundred private lobbying meetings and ensuring political action is taken to lift millions from the dehumanising conditions of extreme poverty.

Micah Challenge National Coordinator John Beckett said, “To kick off this year’s Voices for Justice event, we will deliver a 40 metre scroll to Parliament representing 112,000 Australians from every corner of the country who have made a personal commitment to fighting global poverty. Our supporters are coming to present the important message that Christians care passionately about the plight of 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty.”

Over the two days, Micah Challenge supporters, from every state and territory, representing 98 electorates, will act as advocates for the global poor. School students, retirees, farmers and church leaders will engage directly with Members and Senators and ask the Government to do more to end the pointless suffering of millions of our global neighbours. Please click here to find out more.