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Christians Under Persecution is a new advocacy group advocating for persecuted Christians around the world. It is an umbrella group aiming to provide a unified Christian voice on this important issue.

Below is a brief summary of CUP and information about CUP's petition requesting the government to raise this issue on the international stage.

Please consider signing this petition by clicking here. You can also print off a paper copy to gain signatures from those who can't sign online by clicking here to see the petition.

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Christians Under Persecution - CUP

As Christians we are deeply disturbed that fellow Christians are being savagely persecuted in many parts of the world, and that Western countries are doing little to address the gross injustice and deprivation of human rights perpetrated against them. Australia, a nation with a Christian heritage which has underpinned its prosperity and wellbeing, should be taking an active role in correcting this wrong. This year Australia has a window of opportunity in drawing this matter to the attention of the world community of nations. This year Australia will hold the chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council, and will host The G20 Summit, both good opportunities for Australia to take a leadership role on this issue.

CUP is an advocacy group set up for the specific purpose of requesting the Australian Government to bring this matter to the acute awareness to the world, and for strong action in the form of political, economical or other pressures to be applied to those nations in breech. To this end CUP is arranging for large scale petitions both written and on-line, and for deputation to be made to federal parliamentary members. CUP will enlist the support of ethnic churches such as the Coptic and Sudanese Churches in major capital cities as well as Australian mainline churches. Most importantly, CUP is also arranging for monthly prayer bulletins to be sent to churches for awareness of topical persecution, and public prayer. Ultimately this is a spiritual issue.

Contact Frank Reale on [email protected] or ACL for more information.

Sign the petition online here. Print off a paper copy of the petition here.