Dear ACL Supporter,

I want to thank you all for your magnificent support and faithfulness to ACL during 2010 and to wish you every blessing for Christmas.

We have had a very successful year in very challenging political circumstances, but have I believe, won many very important battles, even in the last two weeks playing a major part in the defeat of the games industries’ attempt to secure an R18+ games classification.

We go into the New Year in better shape financially and organisationally than ever before, but will very definitely need it with the plethora of challenges already looming in 2011. We have the Greens' drive of homosexual marriage and euthanasia, and the prospect of real challenges to religious freedom as a result of the pending review of federal anti-discrimination laws. The issue of refugee policy is also sure to be alive again in the New Year after the Christmas Island disaster, and we must ensure that policy solutions demonstrate compassion for genuine refugees and disincentive to the criminals running this illegal boat trade.

Thanks very much again for all your support this year. Christ has given us the victories, but you have definitely been essential partners and an indispensable part of allowing us to be available for His work.

Have a Blessed Christmas