4 November 2015

ACL Queensland State Director, Wendy Francis, appeared yesterday before the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee to comment on the Relationships (Civil Partnerships) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015.

Mrs Francis said that the proposed civil partnerships scheme mimics marriage in all but name, to such a degree that it could infringe on the legislative power of the federal government in respect of marriage.

“Marriage is fundamental to society and deserves special, unique legal protection” Mrs Francis said today.

“Even in international law we see that marriage is still treated differently to other relationships, including same-sex relationships, because of its unique qualities as the natural and fundamental group unit of society.

“In particular marriage unites child, mother and father, preserving the identity of our children and nurturing them in the best possible environment.”

Mrs Francis also said that moves to pass civil unions legislation were premature, given the ongoing national debate on marriage. She called on the committee to hear from the Australian people first.

“After the plebiscite would be an appropriate time to re-evaluate the merits of this proposal.”