The Safe Schools Coalition of Australia continues to promote a controversial children’s story book, The Gender Fairy, despite its author, Jo Hirst, saying it is not a “Safe Schools” resource.

Ms Hirst told Channel 10’s The Project last night: “People like Lyle Shelton have used it against Safe Schools saying that it’s a Safe Schools resource, which it’s clearly not.”

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said: “The comments made on Channel 10’s The Project last night which suggested that the Gender Fairy was ‘totally unrelated to Safe Schools’ is untrue.  

“The Safe Schools website promotes the controversial book and encourages students and parents to ensure the book is made available in their school library,” Mr Shelton said.

“Safe Schools is advocating and promoting contested gender theory to children as young as four through its promotion of The Gender Fairy.

“Ms Hirst collaborated with the now suspended Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward in preparing the story book’s accompanying parent and teacher notes.

“Why is the Safe Schools Coalition in the business of promoting a book for toddlers and providing guidance notes for parents and teachers?

“By targeting toddler Safe Schools is going against the directive of Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham that the resource could only be available in High Schools and only after permission was given by parents.”

Mr Shelton said “Safe Schools” has previously denied other contentious material was promoted by the program only to be ordered to stop by Mr Birmingham.

“Safe Schools have a history of denying that contentious material is promoted to children by the program,” Mr Shelton said.


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