It is now less than a month until the deadline for making submissions to the Federal Government’s review of cloning laws. The closing date is 15 March.

Human cloning is the creation of living human embryos solely for the purpose of research and destruction. The practice has been allowed since the passing of controversial legislative amendments in 2006, by a single vote in the Senate.

Human cloning is unethical and unnecessary because there are ethical methods of obtaining specialised stem cells. Through ‘direct reprogramming’ of adult skin cells, scientists can create the exact equivalent of embryonic stem cells, meaning the creation and destruction of human embryos is no longer required. Adult stem cells have long been used in a myriad of therapies

The miracle cures that were to be ushered in with the introduction of human cloning haven’t occurred. The science has never delivered on its promises, and human cloning laws should be repealed.

You can learn more about human cloning and why it is not necessary at the very good blog of Dr David van Gend of Australians for Ethical Stem Cell Research. For more information, including where to send a submission, please click here.