Media Release: Monday, 4 December, 2006

Jim Wallace, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, said that Parliamentarians should not underestimate the feeling in the Christian constituency over attempts to legalise cloning.

“For the most populous and active part of the Christian constituency, the Patterson Bill is a direct attack on one of the most fundamental beliefs of Christians – the sanctity of human life,” said Mr Wallace.

The Australian Christian Lobby has always encouraged its supporters to place their vote for candidates who they think would best represent their values on a conscience vote.

“Whilst Christians have a broad range of political concerns, it is true to say that this constituency, perhaps more than any other, cares about the outcome of those ‘life’ issues usually decided by conscience votes,” said Mr Wallace. “This is because the Christian constituency realises that many of its concerns are in the end decided on a conscience vote.

“In the pending conscience vote in the House of Representatives it is not a matter of deciding what to do with already stored embryos. Instead politicians face the much more poignant question of whether they are prepared to create a life in order to experiment on it, and ultimately destroy it in the interests of science,” said Jim Wallace.

“Much has been made of the awakening Christian constituency and the power of its vote, particularly in marginal electorates. The organisations that have facilitated that awakening will continue to advise the Christian constituency on the votes cast by each Parliamentarian on key issues of concern – and cloning is a touchstone for many Christians. “

Contact: Jim Wallace