Tell your ACT Chief Minister and Opposition Leader today:

Don’t Take the School Chaplains Away From Our Children

Your voice needs to be heard today because the ACT Labor government will ban public schools from employing a school chaplain from January 2020.

For almost two decades, students enrolled in an ACT public school who sought advice and counsel have been able to receive help from a chaplain with religious and spiritual capabilities.

What is this really about?

When making the announcement, ACT Education Minister, Yvette Berry said: “All we’re doing is taking the religion out of it”.

Banning school chaplains is a ban on spiritual support for children in public schools.

The ACT government has determined that faith does not matter to kids and that relevant questions cannot be answered for students of faith.

This is shocking stuff!

Depression and anxiety in young people are the highest we've seen in a very long time. Now is not the time to ban chaplains who bring a valuable spiritual capability to the role. Offering students the opportunity to obtain counsel from a chaplain has been a very good thing for student wellbeing. Nobody is seriously claiming otherwise.

So, this is ACT Labor’s ideology at work.

As a result, from the first day of school next year, your children attending a public school will not have access to all the help and guidance they need.

Banning chaplains tells your child that their faith does not matter and that faith cannot answer their questions.

Take action today!

ACT residents are invited to write to Chief Minister Andrew Barr and to Opposition Leader Alistair Coe and ask them to reinstate chaplains in schools. Your child has a right to receive counselling from chaplains with religious and spiritual capabilities.

ACT Senator, Zed Seselja has asked for community feedback on this issue. A copy of your email will also be forwarded to him.

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