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The Federal Government has tabled a regulation threatening the registration of charities, including Christian charities.

Under the new regulation, a charity may be deregistered because of a minor offence committed by anyone associated with them.

Currently a charity can be deregistered if a member or representative commits an “indictable offence” - a very serious criminal offence. What this new regulation does is lower the threshold for deregistration to a “summary offence”- a minor offence.

This is an extremely low threshold for potential action against Christian charities.

For example, ACNC could deregister Christian charities in the following circumstances:

  • A Christian school in the ACT could be deregistered for teaching students about identity and sexuality according to the Bible (allegedly breaching conversion laws);
  • A church in Victoria could be deregistered for publishing advertising material that indicates or could even be reasonably understood to indicate that the church, or any other person, intends to engage in a conversion practice. Because of the very broad definition of ‘conversion practice’ under the Victorian legislation this could capture advertisements for church conferences and seminars that cover the topic of Biblical sexuality.
  • A pro-life organisation could be deregistered if participants in a demonstration are charged with obstructing traffic.

The good news is that the Senate can vote to disallow this regulation on Wednesday 24 November 2021. That would be an outbreak of common sense and protect the charitable sector from bureaucratic overreach.

The success of the disallowance motion will likely hinge on the vote of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. 

Please email Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Malcolm Roberts to ask them to support a disallowance motion. 

The work of charities should not be stifled when the country needs them the most. 

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