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COVID-19 is not going anywhere, and we cannot live with lockdowns and restrictions forever. We are delaying the inevitable and adding to the cost unthinkably.

We are wreaking destruction on lives, children, livelihoods, the economy, and the future. We need to stand against fear and open up our country no later than once those who wish to be, are vaccinated, without coercion.

Someone needs to start pushing the freedom conversation – if leaders won’t then it’s up to us.

Look at the state of our nation…

  • 3,345 suicidal people called LifeLine in a single day recently
  • We are not living – or even leaving the house – for fear of dying  
  • Compassion is dead, with wedding plans put on hold and callous disregard for those mourning and separated from loved ones
  • Countless small businesses are finished, each representing people’s livelihoods
  • We are giving up total authoritarian power to state governments
  • Our children simply won’t be able to pay back the debt

Fear is ruling the day. But Christians should lead the way in calling for our freedoms to be restored –because fear of death is a condition from which Christ has freed us.  

Please email your Premier or Chief Minister and your State MP today. Tell them that with voluntary vaccination – no coercion – all lockdowns and restrictions must end.

Freedom and livelihoods must be restored. We cannot live in fear anymore! 

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