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Your feedback has been requested by Thursday 8 July on the proposed new National Curriculum by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

There are many things to be concerned about in the new curriculum because it fundamentally redefines Australia. It erases Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage, views everything through an indigenous lens, and pushes woke ideology.

It ignores the fact that biblical values like human dignity, equality and freedom form the basis of our democracy or that Christianity continues to be the dominant religion in Australia. It teaches that our Judeo-Christian roots are largely detrimental and unfortunate; that Western culture has played little to no commendable role in shaping modern Australia.

Year 7 students who were formerly taught, “Australia is a secular nation and a multi-faith society with a Christian heritage” (Ref. ACHCK051) will now be told:

“Australia is a culturally diverse, multi-faith, secular and pluralistic society with diverse communities, such as the distinct communities of First Nations Australians.” (Ref. AC9HC7K05).

In addition to critical race theory and Marxist narratives, children will be coached in woke causes. The Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum emphasises the importance of environmental activism and encourages children to become “a global citizen.”

The Federal Education Minister, Alan Tudge, has said the new curriculum, “Doesn't encourage students to value the rich, egalitarian, free, liberal democracy that Australia is today. There’s almost nothing positive said about Australia.”

Please email ACARA now to ask for the proposed curriculum to be rejected.

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