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Israel Folau is a much-loved Australian champion who has been banned from the NRL for once sharing a post on social media that they didn’t like.

Now, corporate and media voices want to keep him out of the game, even though…

🏉 The fans want him to play.
🏉 The clubs want him to play.
🏉 The players want him to play.
🏉 Israel wants to play.

Why can’t he play? Those at the top want to punish him forever – even though they allow others to play who have criminal charges and atrocious personal conduct. This double standard is wrong!

Send your message below to the NRL and to league teams to urge them to let Israel Folau play the sport he loves – and that we love to watch him play.

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Thank you for standing up for Israel Folau – and for the freedom of all Australians.