Unborn children need your help.

On Sunday 28 July a group of NSW parliamentarians announced they will rush to pass a bill to decriminalise abortion within DAYS.

They have moved so quickly, there is little time to respond to this radical plan.

In fact, they hope to suspend normal parliamentary procedure just to make it happen.


All life is sacred, no matter how small or how vulnerable. Those who govern our State should be protecting life, not sanctioning its destruction.

Your voice counts. You can help persuade your MP to vote against this bill right now.

Email your local MP today and tell them to oppose this radical abortion bill.

You may wish to highlight some of these points in your email:

  • Babies older than 22 weeks are considered viable. They could be born and live a healthy life. It cannot be right to permit their destruction with the sign-off of only two doctors;
  • Science shows that unborn children can feel pain. Late-term abortion is inhumane;
  • The bill would allow sex-selection abortions, meaning baby girls will be terminated at a much higher rate than boys;
  • Unlike in some European countries, the bill does not contain any cooling off period, meaning women could be rushed into making a decision they regret;
  • There is no provision for counselling in the bill, meaning cases of domestic violence and coercion won’t be uncovered, and women won’t be presented with options;
  • The bill’s requirement that doctors who conscientiously object to abortion must refer a woman to another practitioner who will perform the procedure is unjust because it forces doctors to violate their conscience.

The politicians pushing this bill want people to believe that abortion is healthcare. But the deliberate destruction of human life is not healthcare.

Technology has come a long way. Life saving operations can be done on unborn babies of the same age as those who will be killed under this new law.

Women who have abortions often regret it, struggling with grief and guilt. Rather than a law that gives only one option – abortion – women should be presented with choices. Only then can we claim to have women’s and children’s best interests at heart.

How to write to your MP:

In your own words, write a respectful email to your local MP asking them to please oppose this bill. You can use whatever arguments you like from the above text.

God bless and thank you for standing up for the unborn!

Kieren Jackson

NSW Director

PS: please share this campaign with your friends and family.