Australian children are confronting a social contagion of gender confusion. While very few are genuinely dysphoric, most have just come under the influence of an ideology with no basis in science. And yet, if they present to a hospital or gender clinic, their "chosen gender identity" will be affirmed without question – those are the official Royal Children's Hospital guidelines and those guidelines need to change.

On Wednesday 24 June, the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council met to discuss the treatment of children and adolescents experiencing gender confusion. The members of the Council included senior health officials who advise the Federal, State and Territory Health Ministers. We have written to the Federal Health Minister, seeking an update on the outcome of the meeting.

We expect those health officials to push their Ministers for a continuing “affirmative” approach as the default setting at hospitals and gender clinics around the country.

What does that mean? It means that healthcare practitioners will be required to go along with the child’s gender preference, even as that progresses to the administration of puberty-blocking medication, cross-sex hormones and ultimately, even surgery.

This is a betrayal of the trust children place in the adults who are supposed to be caring for them.

Dr John Whitehall, a Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health has written to the Advisory Council urging a “watchful waiting approach”, knowing that in time the great majority of gender confused children will return to their natal sex.

Without your involvement, Dr Whitehall’s letter will probably be the only written counterpoint to the default setting guidelines of “affirmation” that currently apply at hospitals and gender clinics.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and acquaint yourself with this very important and urgent issue of justice and truth, and the thousands of vulnerable Australia children who need protecting right now.

Whether you’re an ACL supporter or not, here’s your chance to join us in this urgent action to defend vulnerable children from a dangerous gender ideology that is destroying little lives.

We must inform the health ministers that there are thousands of Australians who support Dr Whitehall’s propositions, including “watchful waiting” when it comes to childhood gender dysphoria, and who oppose medical intervention on children presenting with gender confusion.

We are calling on governments – states, territories and federal – to give Australian children the benefit of an independent inquiry.

Time is short. Please complete the form below to email your state/territory and federal health ministers. We have provided some relevant wording for you to use as a starting point...