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The NT government’s proposed changes to the Anti Discrimination Act are a direct attack on Christian organisations. They will effectively end Christian schooling in the Territory.

The Bill does the following extremely harmful things…

It removes protections for religious schools (Clause 17 Repeal of section 37A). Schools will not be able to hire staff who share their ethos, or operate according to their values. This contravenes Australia’s international human rights commitments to religious freedom.  

It introduces “offense” based laws that can be used to suppress religious expression and free speech (Clause 11 New section 20A). New prohibitions will allow anyone who feels offended to lodge a vilification complaint against speech they don’t like.  

It introduces new positive duties that will trample religious liberty and allow Government bodies to intrude into the private and personal sphere (Clause 9 New Part 2A). It will empower the Anti Discrimination Commission to police Christian groups and require them to act contrary to biblical imperatives of sexual purity and monogamy.  

It introduces a new representative complaints regime that will be weaponised by activists (Clause 27 New section 62A). Activists will be able to make discrimination complaints about churches for allegedly practising “systemic discrimination.” The Commissioner will have broad new powers to investigate, sanction, and enforce ideological convictions on religious bodies.

It erases sex as a meaningful category and uses dehumanising language (Clause 5 amended section 4). Binary sex definitions will be removed from legislation including the following terms: man, woman, parenthood, marital status and sexuality. This is a victory of ideology over reality.

It empowers courts to determine church theology and doctrine. This fundamentally undermines religious freedom!

Please email your MP, the Chief Minister, and the Leader of the Opposition to ask them to reject this bill - which is a direct attack on religious freedom. 

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