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The Australian Senate is being requested to vote on a bill to overturn a restriction on the power of the Northern Territory Assembly to make laws for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Euthanasia was legislated briefly in 1995. During that time, a number of the deaths that occurred were contrary to the guidelines. The federal parliament overruled the Territory’s right to legislate euthanasia in 1997.

Senator McMahon’s Ensuring Territory Rights Bill is an attempt to overturn the 1997 legislation, and to allow euthanasia in the Northern Territory.

Indigenous Western Australian Senator Pat Dodson has said that trust would collapse if any Indigenous medical service or clinic offered euthanasia to a dying patient, seriously undermining the effort to arrest alarming rates of chronic disease in Aboriginal communities. This makes it all the more important to oppose assisted suicide in the NT.

Watch Martyn Iles' message: “Exposing the lie of euthanasia” 

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