Thank you for writing in! The Qld government has announced they are now postponing introducing euthanasia until after the October election. Read our media release here.

This month, Annastacia Palazscuk will make her position clear regarding whether or not her ALP government will introduce euthanasia legislation.

Which is why I’m asking you to take action today.

Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is the deliberate killing of a human person by another human person.

Instead of legalizing assisted suicide, Queenslanders deserve access to world class palliative care.

Condoning assisted suicide totally contradicts our campaigns to prevent suicide.

And giving the task of killing to our medical professionals does NOT sit well with them.

Assisted suicide reverses the proper role of a doctor as a healer, comforter and consoler to an improper role of the physician causing a patient's death.     

You can help us put an end to this discussion for now.

Please email our Premier and Opposition Leader and urge them to reject any consideration of euthanasia legislation.