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The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021, soon to be voted on in parliament, fails in many ways, including:

  • Health practitioners can initiate a discussion around the option of assisted suicide with a patient

  • Patients are not required to see a specialist in the area their suffering, or have a mental health check

  • The Premier wants to change the law to allow suicide to be discussed over the phone or online

  • There is no real conscientious objection for health practitioners who must participate in the process by referral

  • Faith-based hospitals and nursing homes cannot refuse to have patients euthanised in their facility 

  • Talking someone out of ending their life could land you in jail for up to 7 years 

  • The Qld Government has acknowledged the lack of funding currently available for palliative care

  • Death certificates will be falsified to say the person died of the underlying illness or disease—not assisted suicide  

You can read the Bill here.

Please write to your State MP and ask them to vote against this bill when it is presented in Parliament.

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