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The nation’s most extreme euthanasia legislation has been tabled in Queensland Parliament and the government has declared they will end the debate at 5:45pm on Thursday 16 September - whether or not all amendments have been tabled and discussion has been allowed.

This is essentially a gagging rule. 54 amendments have been tabled. Every one of them should be allowed to be presented and considered.

Please take a moment now to email the Premier and your local MP to ask them to ensure that every amendment is heard and discussed.

The outcome of this vote could allow the elderly, sick and vulnerable to be killed – and polling reveals that Queenslanders have grave concerns about this legislation. 

Mark Robinson MP said, “This bill is so dangerous because it opens the door to wrongful deaths as it has in other parts of the world. It’s not voluntary at all for those who have their lives taken from them by somebody else.” Watch more comments here

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