The government wants to know what you think...

In November last year the Queensland Labor Premier, Hon Anastasia Palaszczuk moved that the Queensland Parliament inquire into aged care, end-of-life and palliative care services and specifically into the communities desirability of supporting voluntary
assisted dying.

One thing is absolutely certain when it comes to euthanasia, or as those campaigning for it call it - assisted dying.

There are no safeguards that prevent it from abuse.

Medical mistakes happen all the time and hence opening the legal and ethical minefield of allowing doctors to administer poisons to help people die represents profound change.

You may want to consider the following in your submission:

  • Legalised euthanasia is incompatible with a society that values human life and seeks to protect the vulnerable.
  • Legalising assisted dying will change the community’s views towards our elderly people, those with a disability, and the sick. It presents a “quick and easy” solution in the form of death.
  • Assisted suicide will undoubtedly be sought for people who are not necessarily dying, but who simply fear the changed circumstances that a deterioration in their condition might bring.
  • There are no safeguards that prevent people from feeling that their medical condition is becoming a burden on those around them. This will eventually pressure them to choose assisted dying.

Making a submission to the inquiry is very easy.

Queensland residents can share their views with the committee by making a submission using the 'Email the Committee' box below.

If you want to make a paper based submission make sure you post it to:

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