Help Brisbane become a new world city that cares.

Did you recently hear about plans for Brisbane to have Australia's biggest adult entertainment venue?

This is not what Brisbane's "New World City" status should be about. Nothing good comes from commercialising women's bodies.

We don't want to return to the not so distant past. We want a NEW city, one which respects women and encourages the dignity of all.

Please take a moment and write to the Brisbane city councillors below.

Here are some helpful points you could consider in your email: 

  • A New World City is not about returning to the red-light past of Brisbane’s ­Fortitude Valley.
  • We know violence towards women is a significant issue, so facilitating the objectification and commercialisation of women is never a good thing.
  • I think we all agree that adult-only entertainment is not what Brisbane should be known for.
  • Brisbane City Council have been promising to clean up Fortitude Valley. Instead, the approval of this project will make it one of Australia's go to places for objectifying women.
  • The Valley already has the highest concentration of adult entertainment venues in Australia - why does the Council believe we need more?

As always:

    1. Do not address the email 'Dear Councillor' - this will be added automatically.
    2. Be concise and respectful.