Thank you for raising your voice for truth! Hundreds of letters (and many more emails) were sent to the State Coordinator and to date he has issued no direction to override abortion laws during COVID-19.

There is now no further need to write to the State Coordinator. However, as Parliament resumes soon, the major battle to defeat proposed abortion-to-birth legislation looms. Please read Christopher's blog here for the update and next steps.

Thanks to all who wrote and prayed and thanks especially to God.

Dear Friend,

*URGENT* ACT NOW to prevent changes to abortion laws by the police commissioner under COVID-19 powers.

There's a push on right now from the Attorney General’s office to have the State Coordinator (the Police Commissioner) use his COVID-19 Emergency Powers to override our abortion laws in relation to medical abortions. It is critical you act now to write to the State Coordinator as indicated below. This is urgent!

Please email your letters, written to the State Coordinator, to me at [email protected] - as a matter of urgency

Please make sure that you include your name and address.
I will personally deliver these emails to the State Coordinator on your behalf.

This page equips you to stop abortion activists hijacking the COVID-19 crisis to rush radical abortion changes into South Australia.

Earlier this month a potential short-cut to change abortion laws (bypassing Parliament) slipped through when a COVID-19 Emergency Response Act was rushed through Parliament.

The Act empowers the State Coordinator to override state laws including abortion laws. Our current state laws require an abortion to be approved by two medical practitioners. For medical abortions up to nine weeks this ensures an ultrasound is carried out before the abortion can be performed. The pro-abortion activists want these requirements overridden immediately by the Police Commissioner and the abortion drugs prescribed by tele-medicine without the protection of an ultrasound. This will risk women’s lives and make destruction of the unborn more prevalent.

This weekend, the Attorney-General’s office has said that the abortion laws would be overridden using the COVID-19 Emergency Powers. I have written to the Attorney-General on Saturday, 18 April 2020, to protest. I have also communicated with the media which led to In Daily correcting a claim that the abortion laws had already been changed. This is a link to the amended article.

I urge you to write to the State Coordinator asking him not to use the emergency powers to endanger women’s lives by overriding the protective abortion laws

This is urgent! Lives are at stake!

Today, Tuesday 21 April, I hand delivered 300 such letters to the State Coordinator.

In view of the importance of this issue, I will personally deliver your letter to the State Coordinator.

God bless,

Christopher Brohier
Director | SA
Australian Christian Lobby