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Your submission to the Select Committee of the Legislative Council is vital to help oppose the Statutes Amendment (Repeal of Sex Work Offences) Bill 2020 and instead call for the Nordic model of prostitution law reform.

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  • Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens, said the bill would place community safety at risk and allow organised crime to flourish, and added that organised crime syndicates are operating in the SA prostitution industry.
  • Since prostitution was decriminalised in New Zealand, prostitution has grown exponentially. Street work has shifted to residential areas and waste is left in the streets and on private property.
  • The Adelaide City Council opposes the decriminalisation of prostitution.
  • To repeal all laws relating to prostitution will protect pimps and brothel owners. More women will be drawn into – or forced into – prostitution and become vulnerable to abuse.
  • The Nordic model for prostitution reform is the most progressive and just prostitution law in the world. It targets demand and provides meaningful exit strategies for exploited people – mostly women – who are prostituted. Israel was the eighth nation to implement the Nordic model, and there is now a bill before the UK Parliament.
  • Decriminalising prostitution is NOT in the best interests of South Australians.
  • We want to prevent an expansion of prostitution and crime – and implement the Nordic Model for prostitution law reform – which has been so successful in other countries.
  • Read the complete bill or view the official request for submissions.

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