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The Greens have again introduced The Statutes Amendment (Repeal of Sex Work Offences) Bill 2020 to decriminalise street prostitution, the work of pimps and the operation of brothels in South Australia.

The SA Police oppose the move because decriminalising prostitution has been found to increase prostitution and facilitate criminal activity and abuse. The bill also creates a legal framework which permits children to be groomed for prostitution without it being an offence. 

If the bill passes, it will mean…

  • Street soliciting can take place anywhere and anytime;
  • Brothels can set up anywhere, by anyone, subject only to zoning laws;
  • Brothel owners can seek workers at schools and University career nights;
  • Advertising of any sort may occur and prostituted women can appear in shop windows as in Holland;
  • Landlords or motel/hotel owners may be unable to refuse hiring their premises to be used for prostitution;
  • Children may be employed in premises where prostitution occurs, though not for the purposes of being prostituted;
  • Children may be trained to be prostituted persons once they reach 18;
  • Police will be hamstrung in investigating the use of children for prostitution or instances of sexual servitude in brothels.

At a time when there is much concern about the sexual harassment of women, this bill is a backwards step and should be rejected.

The Human Rights model of prostitution legislation has been proven effective in reducing trafficking and increasing respect and safety for women. It would be in the best interests of women for the SA Parliament to adopt this model.

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