The vote on decriminalisation of prostitution in SA will occur on 13 November 2019.

Debate resumed on 30 October 2019 in the lower house. Two Labor MPs and two Liberal MPs spoke with clarity and persuasiveness against the current proposal.  

Chris Picton (member for Kaurna) and Stephen Mullighan (member for Lee), both Labor shadow ministers articulated their opposition to the Bill, citing the exploitation of women and the lack of any real controls over the operation of brothels, in addition to other reasons, for their opposition to decriminalisation.

Stephen Patterson (member for Morphett) and Steven Murray (member for Davenport) both Liberal MPs, also argued with evidence and logic against the Bill.  The main question, they said was “Do we want more or less prostitution?” The evidence of the brutal treatment of women in decriminalised regimes, the effect that prostitution has on prostituted people (approximately 68% have PTSD) and the proper concern that we should not want prostitution to be portrayed as a legitimate career path for young women (and also though far less in number and percentage-young men) meant that they opposed the Bill.

The response of South Australians to the central question is clear: we want less prostitution.  That was the result of the survey we conducted of over 2,000 South Australians on 28 August 2019 which found that over 55% of respondents believed South Australia’s laws should encourage less prostitution.

The current Bill, no matter how it is dressed up, will foster more prostitution.  That is not what we want or need in SA.

Raise your voice today to help women.

The Liberal Attorney-General Vicki Chapman has introduced the legislation in the Lower House which has already passed the Upper House.

What does this mean?

This Bill will be the most radical law passed in Australia and will cause an increase in the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable women in SA.

We have to help women trapped in this exploitative industry, not entrench them.

Use the below text box to send an email to your Lower House member now. 

Feel free to personalise it as you ask for them to VOTE NO when the Bill comes to a vote. You might like to mention:

  • The central issue is do we want more or less prostitution in SA?
  • Survey results show that we want less not more prostitution. The ones who want more prostitution are the pimps and brothel owners and those who want to exploit women.
  • Removing regulation will increase trafficking and harm.
  • Pimping will be decriminalised and selling other people is not the way forward for SA.
  • The Bill will enable criminal gangs to run brothels with impunity.
  • Providing exit options for women in prostitution provides them with a viable choice. Deregulation which will keep them trapped.
  • We should support the Nordic or Equality Model of prostitution law reform which decriminalises the selling of sex, criminalises the buying of sex and pimping and brothel owning and provides real exit strategies for prostituted people
As always:
  1. Do not address the email 'Dear MPs name' - this will be added automatically to your MP.
  2. Be concise and respectful.