Health Zones Amendment Bill 2019

On Wednesday 30 October 2019 the Legislative Council (Upper House) will debate and vote on the Health Zones Amendment Bill 2019.  

The true effect of the Bill will be to make discussion about abortion, public or private, for which there is not express consent from the other party to the discussion, illegal within 150 metres of all hospitals in SA. It will apply to peaceful protests, silent prayer, sidewalk counselling, and the distribution of material offering choices other than abortion.

In addition the Bill will make illegal private conversations or discussions in churches, schools, universities, homes and offices in the zones about abortion unless everyone involved expressly consents. For example, Adelaide and Flinders University Medical schools will be affected, as may St. Peter’s Cathedral and many other churches. If the Minister decides that the zone should be bigger, it gives the Minister the power to so order. 

The Bill is being brought on before the South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) has delivered its report into abortion law reform, including the issue of such zones.

Please write to the members of the Upper House and ask them to oppose this Bill. Some points you could make are:

  1. South Australians should be able to discuss the issue of abortion freely, including by providing information as to alternatives to abortion and conducting prayer vigils near places where abortions are carried out. There are two lives at stake in abortion, the woman’s life will be affected; the child’s life will be lost. We must be free to speak for both: to love them both.

  2. The Bill is extremely poorly drafted seeking to ban any communication about abortion in every hospital in the state and within 150 metres of any hospital unless it is with the consent of the person receiving the communication.  This will affect every home, school and church in a zone.  Many churches including St. Peter’s Cathedral are likely to be affected.

  3. The Bill is premature as the SALRI has yet to report in relation to abortion law reform and the issue of exclusion zones.

As always:
  1. Do not address the email 'Dear MPs name' - this will be added automatically to your MP.
  2. Be concise and respectful.