Help don't harm!

On 5 June the South Australian Legislative Council (Upper House) will vote on the Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2018.

Decriminalising prostitution may sound like a relatively harmless law change but the details are deeply concerning.

Raise your voice today to help women.

Tammy Franks, the SA Greens' member of the Upper House has proposed legislation which in effect not only deciminalises prostitution, but removes all regulation. 

What does this mean?

This Bill will be the most radical law passed in Australia and will cause an increase in the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable women in SA. 

If this Bill is passed, brothels will be allowed to set up anywhere, near your children's schools and sports clubs; near your businesses and churches, and will only be subject to local zoning laws.

Street workers will be able to work near primary and high schools at anytime, including pick up and drop off time.

We have to help women trapped in this exploitative industry, not entrench them.

Use the below text box to send an email to your Upper House member now. 

Feel free to personalise it as you ask for them to VOTE NO this Wednesday. You might like to mention:

  • Prostitution traps many women in an exploitative industry.
  • Removing regulation will increase trafficking and harm.
  • Pimping will be decriminalised and selling other people is not the way forward for SA.
  • Providing exit options and strategies provides women with a viable choice rather than deregulation which will keep them trapped.

As always:

    1. Do not address the email 'Dear MPs name' - this will be added automatically to your MP.
    2. Be concise and respectful.