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The SA Parliament has wisely and courageously rejected 14 attempts to decriminalise prostitution – even though Victoria, NT and NSW have done so.

There is abundant evidence that full decriminalisation is harmful to women. The most recent and authoritative report on the issue of prostitution reform states:

“Commercial sexual exploitation, which includes prostitution and sex trafficking, is highly gendered and underpinned by historically unequal power relations between women and men. Sexual exploitation is a form of violence against women.”

Studies in nine countries reveal that 68% of people in prostitution experience post-traumatic stress from daily physical and sexual abuse and violence. There is also an undeniable link between the legalisation of prostitution and the rate of trafficking.

To mark the International Day of the Girl 2022, we are calling on the SA Government to enact the Equality or Nordic Model of prostitution law reform. This model:

  • Decriminalises the selling of sex;
  • Criminalises the buying of sex;
  • Criminalises third party profiteering from the selling of sex;
  • Creates measures to assist prostituted people to exit the trade.

The Equality Model has been adopted in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Northern Ireland, France, Ireland, Israel and there is a bill before the UK Parliament.

It is in the best interests of women - and all South Australians - for the Parliament to explore the Equality Model fully and lead the way in adopting this model.

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