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This campaign has now ended. Thank you to everyone who took action!

The Assisted Suicide Bill must provide proper safeguards. Yet two reports have revealed 139 issues with the bill that need close consideration before it is debated in Parliament.

Using the form below, please write an urgent letter to your local MP asking them to delay the debate so these issues can be reviewed and discussed.

Some text has been provided for you. Feel free to adjust the wording as you see fit or refer to these flaws of the bill if you so choose. Issues include:

  • Lack of clarity in relation to the critical issue of "decision making capacity";
  • Practitioners to whom a person is referred for a second request need not know the person, their condition, or have any particular expertise in their condition;
  • In parts of the bill, psychiatrists are excluded from the definition of a medical practitioner when common sense would dictate that psychiatrists should be integrally involved in this process;
  • The bill uses many broad terms like, ‘palliative care,’ ‘abuse,’ and ‘coercion’ without defining them which may make the Act’s interpretation difficult;
  • Inconsistency and conflict between the Commonwealth Criminal Code and the bill.

Thank you for taking action to help protect vulnerable Tasmanians.

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