Tasmania is about to establish compelled speech.

The Legislative Council is debating a Bill this week that will impose a new mandatory speech code to be implemented in this state. The code is contained in Clause 9 of the Justice and Related Legislation (Marriage Amendments) Bill 2018.

Ask your MP to not support this agenda!

The Bill, if passed, will authorise the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal to impose fines on people who offend a transgender person by failing to use a name or pronoun.

This would set a dangerous precedent. A teacher who innocently refers to their class as ‘boys and girls’ or a person beginning a speech with ‘ladies and gentlemen’ could be sued in the Tribunal if a trans person took offence.

Don't let Labor and the Greens continue to push a radical gender agenda.

Never before in Australia has any Parliament sought to control speech to such a level.

The Bill provides that any person can change their sex simply by identifying a new gender. There is absolutely no requirement for any reassignment surgery or medical treatment.

To be clear, there are no physical indications of gender expression.

When a state decides to regulate the speech of its citizens in case someone might be offended, this is a very precarious position. 

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