Tasmanians have always been free to speak but this could change.

The Justice and Related Legislation Bill 2018 currently before the Legislative Council has three major implications for all Tasmanians.

1. It removes biological sex from birth certificates

This Bill will allow unlimited changes to gender, based on self-identification only. A new gender could be declared regularly and be anything - from pangender to demiboy. 

2. It removes freedom of speech

You’ve probably heard of Dr Jordan Peterson. 

But did you know that the reason he rose to fame was for his vocal objection to the Canadian government passing laws prescribing speech in Canada? 

If this Bill passes parliament, Tasmania will be the first state in Australia to compel a person's speech.  

How is this possible?   

Tasmania has an anti-discrimination law which allows an offended person to bring an action against a person through the Tasmania Anti-discrimination Tribunal. 

The bill currently before parliament inserts a new protected attribute of 'gender expression' into law.  This means that no longer does someone have to have surgery or medical treatment to change sex, but if you offend them by using the wrong pronoun you may have to front the tribunal. 

3. It prioritises radical ideology over good governance

Labor's Leader in the Upper House, Hon Craig Farrell, has said that he would not refer this to a Legislative Council Inquiry to resolve legal uncertainties.

This is not good enough. 

This Bill has significant implications for Tasmania and Labor is putting radical ideology before good governance. 

Tasmania's Solicitor-General has raised serious concerns, and these can no longer be ignored. 

Please sign this petition asking Labor to take a stand for good governance and take law making seriously. 

934 signatures

Dear Ms Rebecca White and Tasmanian Labor

As a voting Tasmanian I respectfully request Labor:

  1. Not allow biological sex to be erased from birth certificates. 
  2. Not remove freedom of speech or vote to introduce any form of compelled speech in Tasmania. Don’t make it an offence to unintentionally misgender someone. 
  3. Protect women in women only spaces - including domestic violence shelters. 
  4. Direct Labor Members in the Legislative Council to refer the Justice and Related Legislation Bill 2018 to the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute.

Thank you for considering my petition.

Your sincerely