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Tasmanian Drag Queen, Pussay Poppins, will be the star performer for Drag Queen Storytime in an event for 2-5 year olds in Launceston Library on 15 February.

Pussay Poppins’ website reveals the sexualised nature of this drag queen’s adult entertainment repertoire. Yet this is the “role model” appointed to read children’s books, Frockodile and Whitney & Britney Chicken Divas to toddlers.

Frockodile is a story about Cliff, a crocodile who wants to wear a dress, high heels, and frilly underwear made for dancing girls. The other book is about chickens who sneak out at night to what appears to be a drag club.

Don’t be fooled… Drag Queen Storytime is pushed by activists with the intention of indoctrinating children about gender fluidity.

The Tasmanian Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Mr Roger Jaensch, must stop this event.

The Department of Education, Children and Youth was established to “deliver state-wide policy, programs and services to support and enhance the safety and wellbeing of Tasmanian children, young people, families….”  

This event does not comply with that. It is inappropriate, confusing and harmful to children. If the Library continues with the event, it should be de-funded. Libraries are meant to be safe places and not places where radical and harmful ideology is promoted to children!

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