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The Change and Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 passed the Legislative Assembly on 10 December.

However, it does not become law unless it passes the Legislative Council in February 2021.

In that chamber there are 17 government members, 11 opposition members and 12 crossbenchers. It is vital that they hear from you now. MPs are placed in Parliament by the voters. Your voice in making truth public matters.

The Conversion Bill places a blanket ban on vaguely defined “change or suppression practices” which expressly includes consensual religious practices, including prayer.

Any teaching by parents to children of the importance of their biology, or the teaching of Biblical views on sexual orientation of gender identity, may be punished as ‘family violence’.

Under the bill there are broad powers to locate, investigate, re-educate, censure, and punish anyone who holds to and teaches Christian convictions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Penalties could be as much as 10 years imprisonment and a $500,000 fine.

Complaints can be reported “from any person,” even those who are not affected, and can be made anonymously. They can also be made about conduct in states other than Victoria. Anti-religious activists will be able to harass and silence churches, organisations and individuals they don’t agree with.

This is the most dangerous and draconian bill we have ever seen in Australia. It could land anyone in jail for failing to toe the line on LGBTQ issues.

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Thank you for your immediate action and prayers to see this Bill stopped.

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Thank you for your immediate action and prayers to see this Bill stopped.