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The Andrews Government will soon introduce new legislation to restrict who Christian schools in Victoria can employ.

This means a Christian school may be required to hire staff who openly disagree with the school’s religious beliefs.

Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy for Christian Schools Australia, asks: ‘Why is the Government trying to dictate to a Christian school who it can employ or in what role?’

It is hypocritical for the Government to demand employment conditions on faith-based schools while exempting political parties. The major political parties demand the freedom to recruit staff according to their beliefs and values, a freedom protected by the Equal Opportunity Act.

Parents send their children to Christian schools because they want their children growing up and learning in a Christian community. The Andrews Government is determined to undermine parents’ choices and the distinctly Christian character and ethos of these schools.

Please email your local MPs and key Parliamentary leaders to call upon the Victorian Government to stop this attack on Christian schools. And please share this urgent campaign with other believers in Victoria. 

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