For 23 years the 'Nativity Event' has been part of the calendar of Christmas events hosted by the City of Perth. It started in Forrest Chase, and several years ago was moved to the Supreme Court Gardens.

As part of the City of Perth’s strategy to assist businesses to recover from, the Commissioners want to have more events in the city centre to generate more business for the retailers and eateries.

We have no objection to moving the Nativity Event back to Forrest Chase.

But to scrap the Nativity Event and replace it with several Christmas concerts that may contain a few Christmas carols, is disrespectful to the Christian community. It is a blatant attempt to take Jesus out of Christmas.

The claim by the Commissioners that the Nativity Event is ‘not all-inclusive’ is just part and parcel of the ‘cancel culture’ brigade's double speak. Don’t let them get away with this! The Commissioners know the Nativity Event is so popular it is often performed three times in the lead up to Christmas. The audience has always reflected the diversity of our community, with people of all faiths and none attending. You can’t get an event that is more inclusive than the Nativity Event!

Imagine the outcry if the City cancelled their Chinese New Year event because it is ‘not all-inclusive’!

It is not too late for the Commissioners to reverse their decision. With the Council election due to be held in October, it is also time to let the Mayoral candidates know that you want them to reinstate the much loved nativity event, if the Commissioners fail to do so.

Write to the Commissioners today (your email will be copied to the Mayoral candidates). You can change the suggested wording to make it your own!