Raise your voice for life

In November 2018 the WA state government announced plans to introduce a bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide.  

Doctors, palliative care specialists and agencies across the state have urged the government to improve end-of-life and health care before considering euthanasia.  

Legalising euthanasia is far more than a simple change to existing law. It declares that the deliberate taking of a life is morally acceptable dependant on a few legal precursors.  

There are no safeguards 

A report tabled by the end of life choices parliamentary committee recommended Parliament to approve laws for “voluntary assisted dying for people experiencing grievous and irredeemable suffering related to an advanced and progressive terminal, chronic or neurodegenerative condition that cannot be alleviated in a manner acceptable to that person”. 

However, a minority report tabled by the Hon Nick Goiran told a very different story. Highlighting the slippery slope nature of such legislation, experiences from other jurisdictions, and the dangers of euthanasia. 

Medical mistakes happen all the time and by opening the legal and ethical minefield of allowing doctors to administer poisons to help people die represents profound change. 

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