The Legislative Council in WA (Upper House) is now considering a Labor government bill to introduce surrogacy for social reasons.  The Human Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 will make it lawful for male singles and couples to procure babies.  This has never been allowed before and for good reasons.

Surrogacy is an incredibly emotive issue.

If passed these new laws will allow, for the first time in Western Australia, single men to obtain children.

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Mothering and fathering are different and complementary. Public policy should always maintain the importance of both, not enshrine either as optional.

Please take this opportunity to use the below text box and email your member of the Upper House as soon as possible.

Together, we can help our parliamentarians choose the rights of children before the desires of adults.

Here are some helpful points you could consider in your email: 

  • The absence of any safeguard requiring criminal record and child protection checks, like those required for adoption and foster is definitely a reason to vote against this Bill.
  • Not one single woman has applied for surrogacy since the law was debated 10 years ago.  So why would single men need to?
  • The Bill allows men to access surrogacy for ‘social’ reasons yet prohibits this for women. Proving the claim that 'the Bill is needed to removed “discrimination” ' false.
  • Due to the ethical problems that surrogacy raises, many Western Countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria have prohibited all forms of surrogacy. 
  • Giving single people the right to surrogacy deliberately denies a child the right to a father or a mother.
  • You urge them to vote against the bill

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    3. Be concise and respectful.