11 August 2015

The Coalition’s overwhelming party room decision for marriage is a win for the millions of Australians who will always believe it is between one man and one woman.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton thanked the Prime Minister and Coalition Senators and Members for speaking so clearly.

“The Prime Minister and Coalition parliamentarians have shown great courage and leadership in speaking for marriage at a time when a powerful minority have made it difficult to speak.

“Tonight’s decision means all Australians remain free to speak what they believe about marriage without fear. It is so important we keep speaking without fear about the benefits of marriage and why its definition should be preserved.

“Coalition parliamentarians have shown great courage in staring down a determined political campaign driven by a small minority who have co-opted the media, celebrities and even corporate Australia.

“It is clear from polling that same-sex marriage remains, as it was at the previous election, a low order issue with voters.

“Ethnic voters, religious voters and voters of no faith who believe marriage is between one man and one women will be very attracted to the Coalition at the next election.

“No doubt debate will continue and that’s fine. That is the right of every citizen in a free society. But it is important that words like ‘bigot’ are set aside and that the demonization of marriage supporters now ceases.

“All Australians should be free to participate without fear at work because of boardroom decisions to back a political position or because television stations refuse to air pro-marriage advertisements.

“Christian schools should remain free to distribute Christian teaching about marriage without fear of being reported to human rights commissions.”

Mr Shelton said he hoped a pall of political correctness would now lift off the nation.

“No thinking people on our side of the debate bear any hate or animus toward same-sex attracted people or their relationships. But we do want to remain free to believe and speak about what we know to be true about marriage.”