In record numbers, Australians have voted for parties other than Labor and the Coalition at this cliff-hanger election.

Despite this, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will form a government with a slim majority.

The Senate ballot paper was the go to place to register protest, with the biggest cross-bench of independents and minor parties elected in the modern era.

Is this Australia’s Brexit/Tump moment where people rebelled against the political establishment?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent the final days of the campaign urging people to vote for stability.

They ignored him.

They gambled with instability so they could send a message to the established parties.

Perhaps people are tired of not being listened to. There is certainly a disconnect and the result is likely to be unstable government and parliamentary gridlock.

People who are concerned about radical Islam don’t like being told they are xenophobic or racist when clearly the vast majority are not.

People who believe marriage is between a man and a woman and that children, wherever possible, should be allowed to be loved and nurtured by their mum and dad are not hateful homophobes.

(The ‘h word’ needs to be dropped from the marriage debate).

Labor recorded its second lowest primary vote in its history. The Greens went backwards – losing a Senator and failing meet expectations they would pick up more Lower House seats. 

And of Course the Liberals had a near death experience.

Of the major parties, only the Nationals led by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, went forward.

They picked up an extra seat and are now vying for more space at the Cabinet table.

How well the newly elected Turnbull Government responds to disaffected voters and their newly elected representatives in the parliament will determine its success.

In the meantime, Christians should pray for the in-coming government.

June was an extraordinary month. Record numbers of ACL supporters turned out to volunteer for campaign action and attend Meet Your Candidate Forums. Thankyou, if you were one. Thanks also for the wonderful support you gave us in our end of financial year appeal. Your generosity has positioned us well for the next phase, which will undoubtedly be the plebiscite campaign to save marriage.