The Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform last week released the Second Report from their inquiry into interactive and online gambling and gambling advertising.

The Report highlights the need for greater research into these areas, particularly into online gambling, and notes the need for nationally consistent regulations and standards.

The Committee seems cautious in its approach to the expansion of of interactive gambling, and also favours a tightening of current regulations to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities and provide greater protections against children accessing online gambling services illegally. Education campaigns and responsible gambling messages are also discussed in the Report.

In particular, the Committee takes aim at the current growth of gambling in sport. Gambling odds are now commonly promoted during the broadcasts of sports popular with children and families, such as cricket and football, and several elite football teams prominently display the logos of sponsors including gambling providers on their shirts.

Addressing this issue, the Committee recommends a total ban of the promotion of live odds both at venues and during broadcasts as well as a ban on gambling companies' logos being displayed on uniforms and merchandise.

Gambling advertising should also be prohibited at times when children are likely to be watching television, according to the Committee.

See this article in The Australian for more information, and see the Report here.

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes these recommendations from the Joint Select Committee.