Do you know any university students (or year 12 students about to go to uni) who:

  • Are performing well in their studies?

  • Have a strong commitment to their faith and are keen to intelligently engage the world for Christ?

  • Demonstrate a high potential to be influential and strategic in their future profession?

Then Compass will be of benefit to them. The Compass summer conference is a strategic future leaders training initiative run in partnership with the Compass Foundation and the ACL.

Now in its fifth year in Australia, the program aims to:

  1. Train leaders who will represent Christ in strategic and influential positions.

  2. Equip Christian students to not just survive university with their faith intact but to thrive in that scholarly and often morally and intellectually challenging environment.

  3. Maximise their effectiveness for Christ in their future profession by linking students with established Christian leaders in their future profession.

The Compass graduates of 2008 through to 2011 included students studying law, medicine, politics, science, economics, education, engineering, media, psychology, philosophy, architecture, music, creative arts, social studies and history. To listen to student testimonies and to hear from some of the lecturers then download the video on the homepage.

The 2012 Compass program starts with a conference from 15-22 January 2012 at the University of Queensland. After the conference students are encouraged to keep conversations going by being linked into conversational groups and with mentors (or linked into vocationally based networks).

Invitation to Compass is by nomination only, by Christians in positions of authority. This includes (but not limited to) school principals, pastors, chaplains, university Christian group staff workers and business leaders. Nominations are now open online at and click on the Compass Summer Conference link and the nomination button. The intake for 2012 is limited to 80 students.

As Christian leaders it is most important that we train the next generation to whom we will pass the baton to be even more effective in impacting the nation than we have been. To inspire and equip talented youth to become our next cabinet ministers, High Court judges, newspaper editors and the like, is an essential part of our legacy, and this initiative provides a combination of training and mentoring that should ensure it.

Visit for more information about the program, the speakers, the cost and the vision.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Compass Operations Manager, Salli Taylor, on [email protected] or on 07 5518 8839.

If you are not in a position to nominate students who fit the criteria above then you may like to prayerfully pass this email onto others who may.


Jim Wallace
Managing Director