The priorities of the Andrews Government have been questioned as it announces more funds for LGBT activist programs at a time when crime rates across Victoria have increased, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said that with its latest funding announcement it appeared the Victorian Government was more intent on facilitating the rainbow social agenda in communities and schools instead of addressing issues that were on the minds of most Victorians.

“Millions of dollars are being funneled away to prop up narrow interest LGBT activities through programs such as the so-called Safe Schools,” Mr Flynn said.

“It would be difficult for many Victorians to understand the justification for such ideologically-driven spending when crime has risen 20 per cent in the past year.

“Now is not the time for divisive policies. Many people are very concerned about issues that affect the whole community, such as crime, and they are looking to the Andrews Government for strong, inclusive leadership.

“Unfortunately, this funding of LGBT groups reinforces the perception that the Andrews Government is more intent on pursing a rainbow ideology that seeks to take gender out of marriage and to deconstruct society’s gender norms.

“It is time to re-think the rainbow political agenda, being inclusive and re-prioritising on to issues such as the obvious issue of increasing crime will be a good start.”