The Australian Christian Lobby has denounced the recent attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt which occurred at the epicentre of the international Coptic Orthodox community.

ACL Western Australian director and Coptic Christian, Dahlia Messiha, said the Coptic Church had a history of persecution and was deeply disheartened to learn of the latest attack which killed at least 25, the majority of whom were women and children.

“No minority in any country should be subjected to fear of expressing their faith. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has made significant progress in uniting the Christian and Muslim community, since taking government from the Brotherhood, but sadly these attacks still occur,” Ms Messiha said.

“We are grateful to the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who demonstrated Australia’s solidarity with persecuted Christians around the Middle East by condemning the attacks.

The ACL urges the Australian Government to use diplomatic means to encourage the Egyptian Government to take steps in protecting its citizens and to uphold freedom of religion.

“The Coptic Community is in a minority position in a Muslim country. This is simply another incident in a long line of suffering for the Christian minorities in Egypt being attacked for their faith,” she said.

“The ACL offers its condolences to the families affected, and the greater Coptic community.  We stand with the Coptic community during this time and will be praying for peace at Christmas.“