Brexit. Trump. Would Australia’s February 11 gay marriage plebiscite have been the latest outbreak in the popular global uprising against PC elites?

Thanks to Labor, the Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch killing off the peoples’ vote in the Senate earlier this month, we will never know.

But after Trump’s triumph it is likely Australia’s progressive elites are breathing a sigh of relief.

We know this because a bright spark in Labor briefed the Sunday Telegraph’s Samantha Maiden about secret polling which showed they would lose.

Blowing up the plebiscite was never about protecting vulnerable gays from Christian hate merchants, it was about making sure the issue did not find its way into the hands of ordinary people who might not do as they are told.

It is instructive that Hillary Clinton made her infamous “basket of deplorables” description of Trump supporters at a LGBTI gala event.

It played well to this audience but was a major contributing factor to her losing the election.

Rainbow political activists sit at the apex of Political Correctness. You simply can’t be a member of polite society unless you genuflect to their agenda.

This has even extended now to having us all being expected to accept that someone with a penis is a woman, if they want to be.

Not to believe this and not to support it being taught at a “Safe School” near you, makes you deplorable. It makes you a bigot, even if biology is on your side.

Learning nothing from middle America’s revolt against the political class, organisers of Sydney’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras scrubbed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull from the VIP list.

His crime? He won an election promising a people’s vote on marriage and honourably tried to follow through.

What message were the Mardi Gras organisers trying to send to mainstream Australia still processing the fall-out from the US election?

It’s clear. Unless you fall into line with elite opinion and give us what we want the way we want it, we will marginalise you.

For Australia’s rainbow activists to send such a chilling message to the population via none other than their Prime Minister shows extreme arrogance and intolerance.

Support us or else, you bigots.

All this is quite extraordinary coming from a lobby which continually claims overwhelming public support for their cause.

They claim this is true but won’t let it be tested at a ballot.

That’s because elites believe democracy has to be managed. The masses can’t be trusted.

Not only can’t they be trusted, but they have to be put in their place. On the eve of the US election as the Australian Senate was voting down the plebiscite, all manner of names were slung from the Senate chamber at Australia’s home-grown deplorables.

Tasmanian Labor Senator Anne Urquhart referred to the ‘rabid right’ and the ‘vicious anti-marriage equality lobby’.

Western Australian Labor Senator Susan Lines said Australia was being held hostage by ‘a Rump’ of right-wing conservatives.

And no surprises that Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young spoke of ‘ideologues and haters’.

It is unclear whether or not Trump’s shock election has caused any of these political elites to think that their characterisation of fellow Australians who simply believe that marriage is between one man and one woman might actually work against their cause.

They are too blind to join the dots.

With this sort of vilification from members of the political establishment, Australia is ripe for a revolt on same-sex marriage regardless of where people stand on the substance of the issue.

In addition to condescending political elites, Australia has a media class which overwhelmingly backs redefining marriage.

Like the American media’s cheering of Hillary, Australian media’s cheering of the rainbow political cause means both sides of the story are not being covered.

And what of the pollsters who got it so wrong?

There will be some in the Liberal Party re-thinking Mark Textor’s numbers on gay marriage.

Make no mistake, I am no fan of Donald Trump.

Both he and Bill Clinton represent all that is broken in our society’s attitude of male entitlement to young women.

Hillary’s decades-long toleration of Bill’s use of young women is a metaphor for the blind eye we all turn to their hyper-sexualised treatment in outdoor advertising and popular culture.

Yet sadly these were the two best leaders American democracy could offer.

That Trump was elected shows how desperate people were for the status quo to be disrupted.

Australia’s same-sex marriage debate is far from over and it continues to be driven by the same elite political class which was repudiated last week in America.

The Trump election shows there may be more sticks waiting to be thrust into the spokes of the wheels of seemingly popular progressive causes.

Let the people speak.

Originally published at Online Opinion.