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IED claims another Digger in Afghanistan

CHIEF of the Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston has confirmed that a member of the 1st Mentoring Task Force has been killed by an improvised explosives device in Afghanistan.

PM Julia Gillard told to slow down on climate

LABOR'S closest business adviser, Heather Ridout, has warned Julia Gillard to slow down as the PM prepares to rush out a climate change policy.

Foundering PM refloats Timor solution

THE Gillard government's on-again, off-again East Timor solution for asylum seekers is on again after the Prime Minister claimed she never said it was off in the first place.

Not on our soil: East Timor leaders

EAST Timor's parliament is planning to make its disapproval of a refugee processing centre on its soil known by sending a strongly-worded condemnation of the proposal to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.